I believe I have the worst case of the Mondays ever! I don’t feel like working at all! I left for my break and didn’t want to go back. My breaks are supposed to be fifteen minutes long but I went on break for twenty five minutes. I really didn’t care at the moment whether […]

Now, where did I put that?

Know what I hate? I hate it when I misplace an item. Usually, it’s something that I’m using often. I put it down for a second to do something else. But when I want to go and use it again, it disappears. I’ve had this happen all too many times. I’ll search high and low […]

You fell for it!

I’ve recently received an email from a couple people regarding the closure of MSN. This email is being circulated by gullible internet users because they believe its content without actually doing research to see if it’s true or not. The email claims to be from two MSN Directors. It states that they are going to […]

On the other hand

Being left handed doesn’t have that much advantage over being right handed. Growing up in a right handed society, I had to do things using right handed items. Because of that, I’ve learned to use both my right and left hand, meanwhile exercising both side of my brain. Right handed people are dominated by their […]

Ajax and Web 2.0

For those who have visited the site since the launch of version 6 will probably noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about Ajax. Ajax isn’t a new technology but rather the combination of two existing technologies. The merging of the two allows web developers to create online applications that work as well as desktop […]

What do you do?

Let’s say that you were in a situation where you were walking around, minding your own business when you encounter someone doing something illegal. Would you pretend as if you didn’t see anything or would you do something about it? What if you saw someone that in some sort of trouble. Would you help them […]

How rude!

I don’t understand how some people can be so rude. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people have learned any manners while growing up. There are bratty kids who thinks they can do whatever they want. There teenagers who thinks they are all that. And they are adult who are immature. Someone needs to […]

Karma, my ass

What the hell is wrong with this world! Why do things happen they way they do. I don’t know who controls the events that go on but I think they are doing a bad job at it. Things happen for a reason but that reason is not even reasonable. There are no logical explanations for […]