Enemy, thy name is Spam

Lately, I’ve been getting spam in my blog via comments. I’ve left that area of the site open to encourage the visitors to leave their comments on the topic at hand. If you have something to add, feel free to say it. Even if the comment goes against what I have to say, I’ll still allow it. I have an open mind and I don’t limit myself to my ideology. I’m always open to suggestions and I don’t mind being proven wrong but that’s a rare case.

For a few days now, I’ve been checking up on the comments that are being posted in my blog. I’ve never considered the idea that someone would spam the comment area with online advertisement. I didn’t think my site would get that much traffic for the ad to be effective. If you read a lot of blogs, I’m sure you notice all the ad banners that are running down the side. Although it is a good idea to have them, I prefer to keep my blog ads free. The links that are shown here are links to other blog sites because I am part of the blogsphere. Occasionally, I’ll have one or two links to the site that hosts my webpage incase anyone wants hosting for their site.

The link that was posted as a comment was a link to some weight loss program. The latest post was for my previous blog entry. I don’t think I can afford to lose any weight. I’ve been trying to gain weight, so if the ad was for that, I would have probably clicked on it. But because it was full of junk, I deleted it. Problem solved, right? Not quite. I wrote some more code to see the last twenty comments posted and found out that there was more. I only saw the one comment because it was the most recent. When I ran my code, I found that there was about five more listed under my older blogs. I wouldn’t have even noticed those if I didn’t write the new code.

Before writing this entry, I usually check up on the traffic flow to the site. The hits that I’ve gain today is probably the highest to date for one day. Currently, there are seventy six unique hits which I found to be a bit high. Since I the start of this site, I’ve been getting thirty or so. With the addition of my blog, that number climbed towards the fifties. But to have that number land in the seventies, that was a little suspicous. I checked the comments and sure enough, there were a few more ads by the same site. Delete!

Cara, over at Forever Means Never, told me that she’s been getting the same thing on her site. Someone had also left online ads on her guestbook but I coded the option to delete entries when she felt like it. I, on the other hand, did have that option at the moment. So now, to ensure that the comments are ad free, I have to resort to moderating them. Which can be a good thing because that’ll give me time to reply to the comments, if needed. I just hope that I don’t have to resort to moderating the shout box as well.

Edit: The number of unique hits has jumped to ninety five, making today one of the busiest days of this site.

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