I’ve just received words from the folks over at MindComet notifying me that my blog is being transmitted into space! Within ten years, the signal that is being sent will reach the ‘undiscovered, unchartered, never before touched by human hands planet of Pluto.’

Blog in Space: January 18, 2006

In case no one hasn’t been following the space news, Pluto may lose its title. I’m not sure how it stands right now but the International Astronomical Union, which is the organization that takes care of the naming of the planets and stuff, is thinking of stripping Pluto of its planet status and they are considering of calling it some rock. Although it is currently considered to be the ninth planet in our solar system, it has long been known that Pluto didn’t quite have the characteristics of a planet. So, until the IAU reach a consensus on what the definition of a planet is, Pluto will still be considered as a planet.

But anyways, if the signal doesn’t get intercepted by Pluto, it will continue into the realms of the asteroids in the Kuiper Belt. And then maybe, it’ll get lost somewhere in the Oort Cloud.

Judging by the coordinates given on the notice, I’d say they’re transmitting from somewhere in the Arctic Circle or something. So in the next few years, if we make contact, the aliens will know who I am. They’ll probably want to come and abduct me and maybe do some anal probing. But I wasn’t considered to be one of the blogs that was likely to be contacted so I don’t have to worry about that.

If I see any weird traffic coming from outer space, I’ll let everyone know. And in case I don’t post a blog in a couple months, chances are I’ve been abducted.