Election Day 2006

All across the country the polls are open as Canadians casts their ballots in the federal election. I haven’t been following the politics much but I know one thing is for sure, I’m not voting for the Conservatives. When I went to cast my vote, there were two names I recognized. Javid Mirza from the Liberal Party and David Christoperson. I voted for Christoperson because I don’t know who this Javid guy is. I’ve seen Christoperson twice in my lifetime. As for the other guy, I’ve never seen him ever.

For anyone who hasn’t been following the elections, here is a little overview, from my point of view.

The Bloc Quebecois: Hereusement, ici c’est le Bloc
For those who don’t understand French, that translate to “Thankfully, here it’s the Bloc.” Don’t be fool by the rocks that I’ve got. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the Bloc. I’m sorry, that’s the only thing that came to mind when I heard their name. I have no idea what their slogan means. Why should we be thankful that they are here? I’m not thankful that they want to separate Quebec from Canada, so what else are they offering. Well, they are proposing “implementing the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions, increasing foreign aid spending, asking for a consultation on the “purpose” of the army before any more major spending decisions are made. The party supports same-sex marriage.”

So if you’re a gay environmentalist you might want to considering voting for the Bloc but you have to be living in Quebec to vote for them. If you’re living anywhere else you’re stuck with voting for the other guys.

The Conservatives: Stand up for Canada
Why do we need to stand up for Canada? Who’s picking on us? The US are too busy dealing with Iraq so they’re out. Maybe it’s those damn polar bears! Harper and the Conservatives wants us to prepare our army in case the polar bears attacks us. If elected, Harper will increased the defense funding to $5.3 billion in the next five years. Canada’s image to the world is a peace keeping country. If you increase the war budget, we will no longer be the peace keepers that everyone thinks we are.

If you believe that we should upgrade our defense program, the Conservatives is the way to go. They also have a Child Care Program that will help familes by giving them $1200 per year but you only qualify for that if the child is under six.

So if you’re kid just turned six this year, you’re out of luck.

The Green Party: We can
You can what, exactly? I don’t trust that slogan too much. It’s like, if they were elected, they can do whatever they want because they can. I’ve never even heard of these guys before. I thought they were Greenpeace when I first heard of them, although, they are somewhat like Greenpeace. They proposed that Canada meet the Kyoto protocol and they will go after anyone who pollutes. I just hope that when they say they’re running for office, that they are actually running. If I see them in a car, it better be an electric car or else I’ll get those polar bears after them!

The Liberals: Choose your Canada
How many Canadas are there to choose from? I know of one Canada and I see one Canada. No wait, I’ve had a few too many beers to drink and I’m a little drunk. Maybe that’s why I’m seeing doubles. The Liberals’ main priorities are about money. They want to want to stay out of deficit, cut taxes and invest in health care and education.

New Democratic Party: Getting results for people
I’m liking the sound of that slogan, for the people. The NDP’s priorities involves opposing US influences on Canadian military decisions, oppose dismantling the public health-care system and defending civil and equality rights.

Right now, it doesn’t look like the NDP will form a government because they have less than twenty percent of the votes. The Green party probably consists of five people so I don’t think they’ll win either. The Bloc Qu�b�cois isn’t going to get a whole lot of supports from Canadians. So I guess it’s down to the Conservatives and the Liberals. If the Liberals win, the scandals that were happening before might happen again. If the Conservatives win, we may see a strenghtening in the relationship with Washington.

Politicians are known to back out on their promises. It’s no wonder why not a lot of Canadians show up at the polls to vote. We just don’t trust them because they can’t be trusted. What we see is probably just the top of the iceberg, the rest of their agenda is hidden under water.