Slippin’ and a slidin’

Over here in Brantford, the weather is crap! It’s freaken’ cold and now it’s raining. It doesn’t look like freezing rain though, so I didn’t think it was too bad. I thought wrong.

I went out for lunch thinking it was going to be a walk like any other day. When I got to the door, a guy who I was training with me told me that it was slippery. I looked outside and all seems normal. All the people out there weren’t falling on their asses so I didn’t think much of it. Maybe it’s because they’re just standing out there smoking and not actually walking around.

As soon as I walked through the outer doors, I took one step and almost fell flat on my face. The ground was slippery as hell! I think a few people were giggling because they saw me doing my little dance. I was having trouble walking from the mall to the street lights. I took every step with caution because I didn’t want to be the one who ends up lying on the ground, especially not in this weather.

I made it to the parking lot and saw that there was a guy going around salting the lot. Because of that, I thought there would be more traction in this area. Wrong again. I got to the other side of the lot and things got slippery again. I was approaching the ramp that the pedestrians would take to get out of the parking lot and proceeded with caution. That ramp was so slippery that I could have slid all the way down without taking a step. Even though it wasn’t that steep, I had enough momentum to slide a few feet before coming to a stop.

Luckily, I made it to Wendy’s without breaking any bones or brusing any muscles. I got in and made my order and waited for them to get it ready. The cashier gave the things I ordered except the burger. Once that was made, there was a little confusion as to who to give the burger to. I guess I order the same burger as the guy in the next line. So, for about ten seconds or so, they were playing Hot Potatoe with my burger until finally, they decided to give it to me. How nice of them.

I sat down to eat and enjoyed the scenery. Not much of a scenery because I’m just starting out into the parking lot. Then one of the cashier walked by and brought out an order for some lady sitting across from me. She asked for ice water and the cashier complied. After she left, the lady got a little annoyed because the cashier didn’t bring any straws or condiments. Already, I can tell that this lady was one of those snobby customers who thinks she should be treated like royalty. A different cashier came by later to give her the ice water she asked for. She didn’t even thank the cashier and this cashier was like an elderly lady who, in my opinion, shouldn’t be working at her age. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were talking about over there, but I’m guessing that snobby lady was complaining about the service. I’ve been going there for a week or so now and I’m happy with the service I’ve been getting. This lady is obviously in the wrong restaurant if she thinks that she should have everything her way, that’s Burger King’s slogan, not Wendy’s.