Rumours has it…

I was supposed to finish off the last of my two weeks at the library today but by the end of the shift, I found out that I still have another shift left. The new company jump in until Sunday night. I was hoping to go out drinking tonight and not worry about the hangover in the morning. It looks like that plan is going to change slightly. Not like I can do much anyways. I’m all sore from snowboarding.

When I start my shift this morning, I was under the impression that today would be my last day. So when my coworkers asked if I was leaving, I would tell them that today is my last day. Words sure does spread fast. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was leaving but as soon as one person heard, everyone else knew. Some of them heard that someone was leaving but they had no idea who it was. I’m not the type of person to make a big deal out of things. I try to keep things on the down low.

And it just so happens that my birthday was yesterday. Words spread about that too and my coworkers ended up getting me stuff. They thought up a scheme with the guards and made me run around looking for some guy in a black trench coat who was causing trouble. That was there way of buying some time while they had things set up. But I knew what they were up to.

My coworkers lead me down to the basement where other coworkers were waiting. I walked into the room and to my surprise, they had a small little cake with a candle on it. Farah sang ‘Happy Birthday’ the best she could, I’d give her an ‘A’ for effort. The candle was a special one that was supposed to play the ‘Happy Birthday’ song but they didn’t know how to turn it on. At least they tried, it was very kind of them to get all this arranged.

But that wasn’t all, there was more. Kate ran out into the mall and got me a present and a card. She managed to get a get a few people to sign it. It was very thoughtful of her to do that. And she got me this blue M&M guy that sits on a motorcycle. You take of his helmet and pour M&M’s into it. Then you press down on his leg so that he hits the kick stand and M&M’s comes out. Kinda cool!

In the end, my coworkers made today day, a day to remember. It’s sad to leave a place that you’ve been working at for a long time. The groups of people that I’ve gotten to know over the years are all good people. Everyone is unique in their own ways. From day one, they’ve made working at the library seem less like work and more like play. There were times when I would spend hours on the floor talking to them, even though it was frowned upon by supervisors of the floor. There was nothing else to do, everything was quiet and it was just boring. So, I kept them company.

I will surely miss working with everyone at HPL. But I’m sure I’ll be seeing them occasionally. They can’t get rid of me that easily. I only live down the street. I’ll be able to drop by and visit every now and then.

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  1. So this is your webstie…ah… I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything! Maybe tommorow if I have some time (you can always have the chocolates I still have in my locker ;p ). Ok, well I’m going to explore some more & see what’s so speical (and distracting) about your website…lol … chem is so boring (less than 7 hours to go)!!

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