Luxury is not a Necessity

A lot of people are spending, no wait, wasting their money on things they don’t need. Maybe they do need it but I’m sure they can live without it. You can save a lot of money if you got rid of the things you can live without. Some would argue that they don’t like to save because they can’t take it with them when they’re gone. But I say, save up for the future in case of an emergency.

I have a cell phone which would be considered a luxury. It is not a necessity because I can live without it. I just chose to have it because everyone else has one. And yes, if everyone jumped off the bridge, I’d do it to. The cost of owning a cell phone, for me, is an average of forty five dollars per month, if I stay withing my allocated air time. That is a total of five hundred forty dollars per year. That money could be put to use for other things like household bills.

Last night, I rented a car not because it’s a luxury to drive around town in a nice looking car but because it was a necessity to get to work. I could have taken the bus but I would have been an hour late as well. The bus schedule just doesn’t fit with my work schedule. I just need something to get me to work on time. I don’t have to rush home because there’s no need to yet. I just have to rush this week because I’m still at the library.

I get a hair cut maybe twice a year. My hair doesn’t grow that fast so I dont need one every two months. The last time I had my hair cut was around October and I think I’m about due for another one. I’d run to get one during my lunch hour but it’ll cost me twelve bucks and I don’t have any cash on me right now. But tomorow is pay day, so maybe I’ll stop by tomorow.

I would strongly advise everyone, when money is tight, buy what you need and not what you want. If you need to get food on the table and you have a cell phone bill to pay off, cancel the cell phone. The health of your loved ones are more important. I dont understand how some girls have more than two pairs of shoes. I have running shoes and I have casual shoes. I don’t need another pair of running shoes in a different colour. When that wears out I will buy myself another one. For now, it keeps my feet warm when I’m outside. And I don’t need the two hundred dollar Nikes. Some no name brand sow from Payless will do just fine. Nobody is going to be staring at my shoes when I’m talking to them. If they do, maybe they’re doing it because it’s a necessity. If they’re doing it for luxury, I can’t blame them for staring at my shiny shoes.