Local Number Portability

During my training, this morning, I came across a piece of information that I’ve been looking for. Local number portability (LNP) is the ability to keep your existing phone number while you switch service providers. I’m planning on switching over from Rogers to Fido soon. But it looks like I’ll have to wait a while.

Back on December 20, 2005, the CRTC issued a telecom decision requiring all Canadian wireless provider to implement the wireless number portability by March 14, 2007. So by that date, Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and Telus we be required to provide this feature to their customers. But not all customers will be able to take advantages of this service. The only province that this will affect are Albert, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Anyone in these provinces will be able to switch providers but keep their existing phone numbers.

Other telecommunication providers will have to follow suit no later than September 12, 2007. When a customer makes a request to have their phone number ported, the provider must do so within a given time frame. A simple port, which goes from wireless to wireless, can take as long as two and a half hours. While a wireless to wireless can take around two business days.

I look forward to the day that this feature becomes available to the public. I can’t afford to pay for the cost of usage that Rogers Wireless is charging me. Fido, on the other hand, is offering a better deal so I’l be going over there. Hopefully, my contract will be over with Rogers and I won’t be charged for any cancellation fees. Those early cancellation fees are tricky and if you get caught having to pay them, chances are it’s going to make a big dent in your budget.