Wireless at Brantford Public Libary

I start traning for my new job as Account Receiveable for NCO’s Rogers division. I got a ride to Brantford from Wajhat because he is attending school at Mohawk’s Brantford campus. He’ll be able to help me out four days of the week. The other days, I’ll have to fend for myself somehow.

But getting here isn’t the only problem. For the first week, I have to get back to Hamilton by 5:30pm. The buses are of no help at all. They run every four hours but during the times that they are running, it doesn’t fit in my schedule. Well, it sort of fits, just not in a timely manner. If I catch the next bus, I won’t get to Hamilton in time for my other job. I only need this for the first week. After that, I’ll be done with my last two weeks at the library. Then it’ll just be a matter of getting to work on time, every morning, at 8:00am.

It’s my lunch break right now and I don’t know where to go to grab a bite to eat because I’m not from around here. So I’m at the Brantford Public Library. Seems like everywhere I go, I can’t escape the library setting. To my surprise, they have a wireless internet connection here, free of charge. Or, at least I think it’s free. No one has come over and tell me to disconnect yet. Not like they will because there’s no security here. I guess it’s that safe here. There are also homeless people here sleeping. Seems like those guys are everywhere. Heck, one of them just walked passed me and, whewww! Dude stunk like he pissed himself or something. And the stench lingered around well after he was gone. Welcome to Brantford, eh.

This library seems like a nice and quiet place to hang out. I think there’s a lot of students here because Laurier University is just down the street. I think it’s Laurier, that’s what the sign says. I might pay them a visit if things works out for this job. From what I can tell, it’s a fairly easy job. I’ll find out if it’s for me later in the afternoon. I guess in the meantime, I’ll have to put up with the endless paperwork they’re making us do. I think I’ve applied for licensing to every prinvince in the country.

After lunch, they’ll have us doing this thing called “Buddy Jacking” where I get to listen in on a call that is taken by the current representatives.

Well, I’m off, back to training. Ahh! What the hell is that smell. Someone just farted! God damn it stinks. Hmmm, but no one’s around. Oh, that must have been me. Greetings Brantford from Hamilton!