Would you like to buy some flowers?

Tonight, Sam and Sary took me out to Eastside Mario’s for an early birthday outing. We drove over to the Eastsides on Upper James but the booth in the bar were taken so we left and headed for the Eastside in Dundas. This one wasn’t as busy as the one in Hamilton. The girls decided to order everything on the appetizers menu which included three pounds of chicken wings, six pieces of garlic bread, pizza and some nacho with spanish and artichoke dip. Because these items were on the appetizers menu I agreed to finish it if there were left overs. Bad idea on my part because there was tons of food! When I hear appetizers, I picture small peices of finger food that you can hoover up in seconds but no, not the appetizers from Eastside Mario’s. The waitress came back with, not handfull but armfull of plates. Enough plates to cover the whole table.

I dug in, thinking I could probably finish most of it because I haven’t ate all day but somewhere around the sixth chicken wing, I was starting to feel a little bloated. I had no choice, I had to carry on for the sake of the greater good. But after getting around the eigth or ninth chicken wing, I couldn’t go any further, I was done. I guess I shouldn’t have drank all that coke.

We finished up what we could and took the rest home. We got into the car and the girls gave me my present. They got me a poker set but not just your average poker set, I got the deluxe model. Can you say, “All In!”

Along with the deluxe poker set, I also received a daily calendar with a lot of pictures of Canadian landscapes. It’s those calendars where you tear off a page as the day goes by. But the thing is so new that I don’t wanna tear anything. But if I don’t it kind of defeats the purpose of having one of these. Oh look, for today’s picture, it’s the Great Gray Owl. Oh, and tomorow there’s a picture of a winter marsh shrouded by ice fog near Hanna in Alberta. It’s cold enough outside, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to be reminded.

After getting home, I got a call from Sang asking if I wanted to grab a coffee. I agreed and met the guys at Timmy Horton’s. Along the way, the police had set up a road block for the R.I.D.E program. I got to Timmy’s, order by coffee and joined the guys outside. It’s freezing out but they got the urge to smoke a ciggy. As we stood outside, we saw all these cars turn to avoid the road block. It’s obvious these people have been drinking. It was so bad that there were some cars that drove straight into the lane that was meant for oncoming traffic. And one car did it right in front of a police cruiser. What did the cop do? Nothing. Even I know that car was breaking the law. Another car saw the road block and went in reverse for about a couple blocks.

After freezing our asses off for a few minutes, we decided to head over to the pool hall. Usually I’d decline because I have a pool table at home and the pool hall is only blocks from my house. It doesn’t make any sense for me to go but there dragged me there.

We played a few rounds of pool, cracked a few jokes, you know, just having fun. While waiting for their turn to play, Sang and Can Shen went over to the foosball table, which was directly behind the table we were playing at. Because we were playing two on two, it was a while before it was my turn to take a shot. So I went and helped Can Shen with foosball because we all know he sucks at it. I wasn’t much help tho because we were up against Sang, the all mighty foosball player who can lift his side of the foosball machine when the ball gets stuck. After he scored, I decided I had enough. So I went back to the pool table.

As I turned around, I noticed some girls walking in through the doors. It was Lan and and a couple of her friends. They went up to the bar and asked for a table. I also noticed this other guy waundering around the bar too. I assumed he was with them. But it turned out that he wasn’t becuase the next time I turned to look at the bar, he was about two meters away from me, holding some flowers. Imagine my surprised.

Flower guy: Would you like to buy some flowers?
Me: Uhhh, flowers? No thanks, I’m fine.
Flower guy: Are you sure? I’ve got some nice red roses.
Me: Nah mang, I’m good, really. What would I need flowers for? I’m in a pool hall at two in the morning with five other guys. I didn’t have that many beers to drink today so no thanks.

Who the hell sells flowers to a guy, at two in the monring, in a pool, in the middle of winter. I don’t think they were even real red roses but I didn’t stop to ask him for further details.

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