Shhh, please be quiet!

It never ceases to amazes me how loud some people can get. You can be sitting right next to them and for some reason, they think you can’t hear them. You can be in an area where being quiet is obvious and they will still be shouting. You can be at the movies and people just won’t shut up.

When you’re at the library, it’s obvious that things should be fairly quiet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. What possible good reason is there for anyone to raise their voice. If you’re going to be loud, why bother entering the library in the first place. It’s common sense and if you don’t have that, you shouldn’t be in the library at all.

I’ve heard people using the payphone and shouting. There’s a payphone right out the doors in the mall, where it’s already noisy. Why not go out there and use that one. I’ll tell you why they don’t. It’s because they want quietness when they’re on the phone. It’s kinda of ironic that they go to use the phone in a quiet building, only to be loud themselves. What’s yelling on the phone going to do? If you want the other person to hear you, speak closer to the microphone.

And when I’m watching a movie, I get asked a lot of questions. For instance, I’ll be sitting there watching a movie that just hit theatres. Sitting next to me is a friend who likes to ask questions about what’s going to happen next? I’m sure you all have someone like that. The person who thinks you’ve already seen the movie already so they ask you, “Is he going to get the girl in the end?” No, this movie has a sad ending where the girl moves to England and they never see each other again.

Oh, but the worse is this. When I watch a movie with my brother he tends to say the next line that the character is about to say. You know, how you’ve seen a movie so many times that you’ve memorized the entire script of the movie. Well, my brother does that, a lot!

Brother: I know kung fu.
Me: Shaddup, stop saying what they’re gonna say next.
Brother: Show me.
Me: Quit it!
Brother: You think that’s air you’re breathing?
Me: Yo, seriously!
Brother: Stop trying to hit me and hit me!
Me: Alright, if you say so!

Everyone should know where that came from. If you don’t, then you are the lucky few who have watched the Matrix once and never managed to fully understand the movie.