Canada strikes Gold!

For the second straight year, Team Canada defeated Team Russia, 5-0 in the Gold metal game of the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championship. This is the second time that Canada has won back-to-back titles. This year, the team had a younger, less experienced roster but that didn’t stop them from working hard as a team to win the title. Team Canada has successfully defended the gold medal and it is staying right here where it belongs.
When it comes to hockey, Canada and Russia are arch rivals. Some people may think it’s Canada and the US but this is hockey. It is a sport that was meant to be played by countries that are above the equator where temperatures reach fifty below. If it was blistering cold outside, we’ll still go out and play. We have no problem finding the puck if there was a blizzard out. We don’t need any help from a computer to follow the puck. It’s a black puck on white ice, how hard can it be.

Canadian hockey jersey

Russia goes home with the silver medal while Finland defeated the US, 4-2 for the bronze medal.