Valued at $1000

According to BlogShares, ‘Chronicles of Don’ is worth a thousand blog dollars. I’m not sure exactly how they calculate the value of a blog because I haven’t read through everything yet but from what I can see, I’m guessing that the more links there are to other blogs, the higher the value. So, currently, I have two links to other BlogShares blog, valued at five hundred a piece which adds up to the thousand dollars.

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for web logs where instead of companies stock, you’re trading blog stocks. You start off with five hundred dollars which you use to invest in other blogs. The values of the stocks depends on the number of incoming links to that particular blog.

I’ved signed up and bought a thousand shares of the ‘Chronicles of Don’ stocks worth twenty eight cents a piece. I’ll see if the price of each stocks goes up and I’ll keep everyone posted. If you’re bored, sign up for BlogShares and play along. It’s free to sign up and you get five hundred blog dollars after you’ve confirmed your account.