Sixth annual web log awards

The web log award is like any other award. You nominate contenders and a panel of fifty or so judges picks the winner. But it’s not that easy to win something like this. Every year, new blogs are coming out because a lot of people are starting to get into the trend. So it gets pretty competitive.

There are varieties of different categories to noninate blogger for. I’m not sure exactly which category ‘Chronicles of Don’ falls into because I write about just about anything and I write about nothing. But the categories on the site seems pretty general too. Best Asian weblog, best Canadian weblog, best tagline of a weblog and something like best glbt (gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgenered) weblog. Oh yeah, people blog about anything and everything. If you sat around the house all day doing nothing but picking your nose and watching tv, hell, that’s a blog right there!

If you like reading my blog, head on over. If you don’t like reading my blog, head on over and vote for the best glbt blog.

Vote here