Crazy chinaman

I always regret having to go to Pacific Mall. Parking is always a pain. Other drivers don’t have a clue how to read stop signs. Pedestrians think it’s okay to walk in front of you when you’re driving. And desperate shoppers park anywhere they can.

I don’t know exactly why we went to Pacific today, but I wasn’t doing anything so I tagged along. Half way to Markham, we got lost. Nobody in the car knew the right way to get there. We ended up way the hell out there in Ajax. Luckily, we realized that we took the wrong turn and went back. It should have taken us about an hour to get to Markham but we happen to be on the road for about a couple hours.

When we got there, parking was our next obstacle. Before, out strategy was to stalk anyone walking around in the parking lot, in hopes that they are walking to their car. I guess on a normal day, that strategy would work. But on New Year’s day, we had to think of something else because the place was jammed packed. It has gotten so bad there, that people are getting into the parking lot, turning on their turn signals and waiting, in case some random person walking happens to own the car that they’re parked beside.

We had one hell of a time getting a spot. We must have driven around the mall twice for thrity minutes before we found something. When I got out of the car, I saw a truck parked in an area that wasn’t even a designated parking spot. The truck was on a forty-five degree angle on top of a snow bank. Down on the other side was a BMW parked in the middle of the road. It’s not like the driver cared if they were ticketed or not. If they can afford a BMW, a parking ticket is probably pocket change to them.

We spent the next five hours walking around Pacific looking for DVD’s. This place got raided like, maybe twice by the RCMP for those DVD’s. And the shop owners are still doing it. I don’t think they’re getting the message that the RCMP is trying to send. Everywhere you go, there’s a sale on for DVD’s. I don’t mean original DVD movies, these were, what the french call, “backups.” Maybe I should have used that as a bargain chip.

Maybe bargaining isn’t such a good idea during the holiday season but we asian, we like to bargain but if you’re in Pacific, just accidentally yell out RCMP and see how quicky the price goes down. Oh!, clearance sale you say? Sweet!