So this is christmas?

What is this world coming to? The holiday season is supposed to be filled with joy, laughter and happiness in knowing that you can share the festivities with family and friends. But the celebration was cut short for the one family who lost their fifteen year old daughter because a bunch of stupid, mindless gangsters felt the need to get violent. Violence doesn’t solve anything, it only adds to the problem.

Jane Creba, like most people that day, was out doing some boxing day shopping. She walked over to the Foot Locker on Yonge St was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. This fifteen year old girl never got the chance to see her sweet sixteenth birthday. It’s scary to know that there are people out there who can put a stop to all the happiness in a beat of a heart. They can take your life away just as easily as blowing out a candle. If there is a God, I’m sure he knows that everyone is praying and asking him to put a stop to all this violence. Creba is the 52nd murdered victim of Toronto this year. It is sad to hear that such a caring person could lose their life at such a young age.

My deepest condolenses to the Creba family and hope that they find the strength to overcome this tragedy. Losing a family member is a very difficult thing to deal with, especially this time of year.