Security Takeover

It has come to my attention that the company I work for is being replaced by another company as security for the library. The bid for the HPL security contact ended some time today, I guess, and Hamilton Wentworth Protection Service got outbid. There’s a possibility that I won’t be working at the library anymore.

As far as I know, this is the 3rd security company to be contracted by the library. And from what I hear, the company is called Trojan. The library will be protected by a security company with the same name as the company that manufactures condoms. Now, is it just me, or does that sound funny to you? When I hear Trojan, the first thing that comes to mind is condoms. Come on, I’m sure you think that too, I’m not that sick. Heck, if you google the word, I’m sure you’ll get a link to the condom people.

I guess that library doesn’t have a problem with image because if they did, they wouldn’t contact a company with a name like Trojan. Can you imagine the interview with public relations if they were asked about security?

Interviewer: So, what company protects the library from the drunken homeless?

Public Relations: We’re protected by Trojan.
Interviewer: You’re protected by the condom manufacturer?
PR: No, it’s a security company.
Interviewer: Are they trusted to secure the situation at hand or will they break under the pressure?
PR: We’ve been told that they work well under pressure and they are professionals at what they do.
Interviewer: Do they prevent penetration or do they allow easy penetration?
PR: What ever do you mean?
Interviewer: You know exactly what I mean, huhuhuh.
PR: Next question, please.
Interviewer: Why Trojan, seriously?
PR: That’s all the time I have for today. Thank you for the interview. Goodbye!

Okay, maybe the name has some other meaning but still, I’ve never heard of this company before so their reputation isn’t all that good. I’m guessing the only reason why the library chose to go with them is the cost. And from past experiences, if you charge too low, your client will think you do a crappy job. On the other hand, if you charge too high, you’re viewed as over charging and you’re expected to give a product that’s worth the money. If this company is willing to take over for a low cost, I don’t know how good of a quality of service they are will to provide. But in the library’s case, they probably want to save as much as they can because they’re on a budget. Yet, they have the budget to buy a bunch of computers that sits there and collects dust.

Earlier this year, the library purchased a bunch of computers that looks like P4’s. And I know for a fact that they don’t need anything that fast. Most of those computers are used by patrons to surf the web. You don’t need a Pentium 4 computer to surf the web so why blow all that money? The library is open no longer than twelve hours a day, so the other twelve hours, those computers are just sitting there. That’s a waste of money, tax payers’ money.

Why don’t they stop buying computers and put the money to good use by keeping the existing security company. I’m not too worried about losing my position at the library. I’m more worried about my co-workers job. I’m only at the library part-time so losing some hours here isn’t all that big of a deal. I was planning to get out of there soon anway. I can’t stay in security my whole life. I gotta find something in computers otherwise I would have wasted four years of my life going to college. And I don’t think I wanna do that.

As for my co-workers, they are the one that’s doing this full-time in order to make ends meet. And of all the times to bring this up, they let us know around Christmas. Hopefully, the new company will give the current guards the option of staying at the library and join their company. That’s what happened when Nesbitt Burns lost the contract to HWPS. It makes sense to keep the existing guards because they already know everything. You save the time and money by not having to train the new guards. If they do that, the library can rest assure that the guards will provide the same quality of service that they’ve provided in the previous years. Maybe, as an added bonus for signing on with the new company, the existing guards will get an endless supply of latex. You can’t go wrong there.