Say No to Coffee

It has occurred to me that I’m throwing my money away when it comes to coffee. It’s a costly habit that I’m trying to get rid of. Before my college years, I rarely drank coffee. I found that it had no affect on me. But rather than brewing my own coffee at home, for some reason, I go out and buy it from Tim Horton’s.

If you’re the average coffee drinking, chances are you drink about three cups of coffee a day. One in the morning, on the way to work. Another during your coffee break at work. And maybe another one on the way home from work. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker but I drink, on average, two cups of coffee a day but not everyday. I drink a cup when I’m at work and another when I’m doing some late night web developing. I don’t find it that helpful when it comes to keeping me awake but Tim Horton’s will kick me out if I stay in their restaurant and not buy anything from them.

So let’s do the math and see how much it would cost. I usually order a medium double double. I always thought it was double milk and double sugar but turns out it’s double cream double sugar. But no two Tim Horton’s coffee has ever tasted the same. A medium coffee at Timmy’s costs $1.20, that’s if a medium coffee is all I order. So, $1.20 per coffee, twice a day, for an average of five days week and fifty-two weeks a year.

1.20 x 2 = 2.40
2.40 x 5 = 12
12 x 52 = 624

Six hundred, twenty-four bucks a year on coffee! That’s insane! $1.20 for a medium coffee doesn’t seem like much but as you can see it adds up throughout the year. Look at it this way, if I stopped going to Tim Horton’s to buy coffee I would save six hundred dollars which is usually the amount I spend on my Christmas shopping.

In order to save some money, it’s probably a lot cheaper to buy coffee ground from the grocery store. Those things would probably last a month and they cost about five bucks. If you buy one per month that comes out to $60 a year. Unless my calculations are wrong, that would leave $564 left for Christmas, which is a whole lot of money!

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