Home for the holidays

Christmas is fast approaching so I hope everyone has gotten all their shopping done, unlike me. I still have a couple more presents to buy. Chances are, I’ll leave that until the last possible second and rush out to get everything done. I should be down to one present but my dad went out and bought himself something and that something just happen to be the item I was planning to get him. If only christmas had arrived a little sooner. Now I’m stuck on what to get him. So what do you get a guy who has pretty much everything he could possibly want? I’m not so sure anymore. My dad has the money to buy any grown up toy he wants and now that leaves me at a dead end. If I can’t figure out anything, I’ll probably get him another sweater like the previous years.

Christmas this year doesn’t seem to feel the same as the other years. I didn’t start celebrating christmas until my high school years because that was when I had a decent job to buy presents to everyone. But even before I had the money to get anything for my family, christmas was still fun. Back in Thailand, we didn’t have christmas, heck we didn’t have snow. When I came to Canada and saw snow for the first time, I ran my ass back inside the apartment. Canada was a cold place and I’m use to temperatures that was above the boiling point. Even now, I’m still not quite use to the cold temperature yet because once I think I’m use it to it, hell freezes over and the snot running down my nose freezes solid. Not a pretty sight my friends.

For many, christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. For others, it’s just a holiday. For me, it’s just a holiday. I’m not going to celebrate the birth of some guy that I’ve never met. Because if I did that, then it’s only fair to celebrate other people’s birthday, of whom I’ve never met. And I’m not about to do that. I celebrate christmas because it’s a time where I can buy presents for my family because I know Santa’s not gonna do it. Christmas to me is a time to give. I’m not big on the receiving part. It’s no big deal if I don’t get a present. I’d rather see the smiles on other people’s face when they get something.

Of course, being with your loved ones on Christmas is something I also consider important, probably more important than the gift giving part. Nowadays, it seems as if families are starting to drift apart. Everyone wants to be independent but when they’re in need, their family is the first place they turn to. I’m pretty close with some of my friends and I guess I’d consider them family. We all live within walking distance from each other so it’s like we’re all living in a big neighbourhood.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! I hope you spend it with your family, that’s what matters the most. Share the joy with your family and friends and spread the holiday cheers to one and all!