Kancho Assassin

It has come to my attention, that these assassins are the worse of their kind. They inflict the most horrifying pain one can ever dare to imagine. If you met one of then, you better hide your ass.

I’m not kidding either. Kancho is a game that the Japanese kids play and from stories that my friends have told me, it’s played it here. I’m not sure if it’s considered a “game” but I don’t know what else to categorize it as. It may be fun for the person who’s on the offense but the one on defense better cover his ass.

To start off, what you do is, you put your hands together and fold down all your fingers except the index finger. For those of you who don’t know which is the index finger, it’s the one you use to pick your nose with. So you have your hands clasp with those two fingers sticking out. The next part is to find an unsuspecting victim, then you shove those fingers up their butt. Seriously! I think that’s the point of this game. It works best if you can find someone who’s squatting down. They’ve got their butt nice and wide for ya.

Up until now, I wasn’t sure if there was a name of this kind of thing, but turns out, the Japanese kids have been doing this for a while now. My friend told me once that his friend did it to some kid and made that kid puke. That’s a lot of shoving power to make someone do that. I feel sorry for that kid though. I prefer to keep my exit hole, an exit hole only, do no enter.

If you don’t wanna be a victim of the Kancho Assassin, you should wear baggy pants. It’s the perfect defense system because if you have baggy pants, the assassin won’t know where your butt is. Those guys who wear their pants down to their knees, they’ve got it made. If you try to Kancho Assassin their butt, you’ll come up empty.

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  1. but by wearing your pants down low that means the only thing protecting you is your undies …. and thats not as thick as denim .. so what happens then .. uh oh .. you aint gonna be shitting for DAYS!

    … on another not i thought it was called a thousand years of pain!

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