In the beginning…

In this day and age where religion is starting to become something big, I still find it hard to believe in it. I just don’t have the faith that most people have in their Gods. And I’ve said it before. I’ve never seen God, I’ve never met God and until I do meet he/she/it I won’t believe in the existence of one.

It seems that nowadays, in order for something to be true, we need hard evidence. We live in a scientific world where there is an explanation for just about everything. I am more of a man of science than I am a man of faith. Science has given me proof to the things I believe in today. The Bible, well, it’s not doing such a good job.

The debate between Creation and Evolution is a very old debate that probably started centuries before I was born. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the last to talk about this but I don’t believe anything in the Bible to be true. I haven’t read the whole book, because I found it a bit boring around the beginning. But from what I’ve read, it sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. Pardon my English.

For anyone who hasn’t read the Bible, allow me to briefly tell you the parts that I’ve read. The first book of the bible is the book of Genesis and it explains how God created the universe in six days and took a break on the seventh day. Of course, God did this once upon a time. Then God created a man which he named Adam. Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden to play with all the animals. But one day, Adam gets lonely and doesn’t want to play with the animals anymore. So he asks God to make him a mate so God took one of his rib and made a woman which Adam named Eve because she is the mother of all living.

So, Adam and Eve are in a very beautiful place called the Garden of Eden with a bunch of animals there and some plants. God placed a tree in the garden and told Adam and Eve that they can’t eat from that tree or they will die. They obeyed God until a talking snake came around and convinced Adam and Eve that they will not die if they eat from that tree because God won’t find out that they touched it, he’s not around, how would know, right? So they eat the fruit from the tree and suddenly realized that they’re naked, so they hid from each other.

One day, God comes down to the garden looking for Adam and Eve. So he calls for Adam, but Adam didn’t answer. Finally a voice is heard and it’s Adam, he’s hiding because he’s naked, and he didn’t want God to see him naked. So he asked why Adam was hiding and blah blah blah, they get kicked out of the garden of Eden for disobeying God and blah blah blah.

What part of that story seems fiction to you? First, Eve is the name that Adam gives his wife because she is the mother of all that is living. Well, I don’t think she’s the mother of the animals because God made them before he made her. Then, he’s got that tree that no one can touch. Why put a tree, that grows fruits, in a garden, if no one can eat from it. Why didn’t God plant that in his backyard or something? That would have made more sense. I’m not gonna plan tomatoes in my neighbour’s backyard and tell him that he can’t eat it when it grows.

Then there’s this snake, not just any ordinary snake. Jesus Christ, this one talks! Oh wait, Jesus wasn’t born yet. So this snake talks to Eve and tells her that it’s okay to eat from this tree. Who in the world would understand what a snake is saying? It’s just going “ssssss.” Somehow that translate to, “it’s okay to eat from this tree.” That’s just crazy. Well, if you’re running around naked in the garden with a bunch of animals, who happens to be your best friends, maybe talking to a snake is that bad.

So because they disobeyed God, they get kicked out of the Garden. A God who is supposed to be merciful, kicked out two people because they ate a fruit. Whose fault would that be? It doesn’t seem like Adam and Eve should be responsible. Eh, wasn’t God the one that made the animals, including that snake? Hmmm…

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