The waiting game

I really hate waiting for things, heck I really hate waiting for people too. Well, hate is such a harsh word, how about I don’t like waiting. There’s no reason for anyone to be waiting long for anything. It’s just unacceptable. If you have to wait longer than five minutes for anything, or anyone for this matter, you’re wasting your time.

Recently, I had an interview with Cogeco in Burlington. The interview was for 2:00pm but it didn’t start until 2:15pm. In the meantime, the receptionist asked me to fill out some form to take with me when I go into the interview. I filled it out fine until I got to the education section, which said to fill out the most recent level of edication only. I accidentally filled in the secondary school section so I had to white it out. The receptionist gave me white out, only it was the kind that you roll over the mistakes with. I’ve never used that kind before so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I found out later that I was doing all wrong because the strip of white out was coming out but the other end didn’t roll back in. The reason for this was because I’m left handed and the receptionist was right handed, so that didn’t help much.

Now the strip of white out was getting longer. I didn’t wanna make things worse so I asked the receptionist if I was using it right. She told me to press down on it and drag. I told her that, that is what I’ve been doing. I also mentioned to her that I’m left handed and she just stared at me like I told her I was an alien or something. So I made some hand guestures and continues to solve the problem myself.

I know I’m rambling on about nothing but during the whole time I was doing all that, the interviewer still hadn’t come to get me. I finished correcting my mistakes and sat for a good five minutes before she finally came. She took me up to the Human Resource department and I had wait another five minutes before the interview started. After the interview, she asked me to fill out some more forms and then she left the room. I waited another five minutes before she came back.

The whole process felt like it lasted, at least, half and hour. When I left the building, I checked my watch. It was 3:30pm. I was inside the building for and hour and a half. If you do the math, the interview lasted just over an hour.

Now I had to walk to the bus depot which took about five to ten minutes. When I got there I had to wait ten minutes for the next bus to Hamilton. Usually I wouldn’t mind the wait because it was nice out. But that day, the bus depot smelt like pest! I’m serious! I thought it was just the area that I was standing in but the whole depot stunk! Well, just outside. I guess whoever it was that was going around peeing all over the place was kind enough to only make sure to pee outside becuase if he was indoor, he might as well as went into the washroom. I’m saying he because I don’t think girls would go around peeing outside in a public place. Speaking of which, the guy that went into the washroom before me didn’t flush and I had to change out of my dress pants. It stunk in there too and I had to flush the toilet with my foot before the smell killed me.

So anways, back to the waiting thing. I’m getting to the point where I’m losing my patient when it comes to waiting for things. I’ve spent a big chunk of my life waiting on things and I don’t think I should be doing that anymore. A lot of people get pretty mad if they have to wait in line for longer than a minute. Now I’m not gonna go that far but I think i’m gonna lower the amount of time I’m willing to wait for things, depending on the situation, of course. For instance, I don’t mind waiting for things to come in the mail because the postal service is always slow. And, whatever it is I’m waiting for is probably from out of town, maybe even out of this country.

Word of advice: Wait if you have to, but if you gotta go… you gotta go.