Higher Power

I am not one to believe in fate or destiny. I refuse to believe that my life in being influenced by an outside power beyond my control. There can be some good in all of that, but there is never good without some the bad.

Here’s what my future scenario that has the potential to become true. I was told that I’m going to be wealthy and I will get married twice. The wealthy part I have no problem against. With the way things are going, I can see that coming true. But getting married twice, I’m not so sure about.

The premonition about me getting married twice was told by two different people.

The first was by a girl, whom I had a crush on back in grade five. I conjured up the courage to talk to her and we slowly became friends. One day, she took my left hand and told me to make it into a fist. Then she did the same with her right hand and compared her fist to mine by placing her hand next to mine and looking at a certain spot. If you have your palm facing you, look at the area juss outside the pinky. You should see some wrinkles. Depends on your fate, the number of wrinkles will vary. The large wrinkle represents your spouse and the wrinkles above that represents your children. According to my hand, I’ll have a wife and three kids.

Now, if you take your other hand, make a fist and place them so that the pinkies are next to each other, those wrinkles should match. My hands don’t match. On my left hand, I’ve got a wife and three kids. On my right hand, I’ve got a wife and two kids, hence the two marriages.

The second person to tell me about this was my friend’s father. He does a little palm reading on the side. He told me about numerology and stuff and how the positions of the star at the time of your birth determines how you live your life. He took a look at my palm and described my character. And he was pretty close too. Then he told me about the two marriages and stuff. That’s the part that I didn’t want to hear.

In my culture, it’s rare to have more than one marriage. When you get married, you stay with that person until death do you part. And even after they part, it’s rare for the widow to marry again.

So, back to the predictions. I think that, once someone knows what the future holds for them, they have the ability to change what they see fit. Lately, I haven’t really done anything to start up a relationship because I have other priorities in place. I took care of school and now I’ve got take care of finding a full time job. Once that’s taken care of, then maybe I can look into a relationship.

Watch out ladies! Don Juan is gonna tear it up in this heezy for sheezy.