Long time no see..

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve juss been busy trying to finish up some projects, working at the library and looking for a full time job. You know how it is, that’s life.

Recently, I’ve been trying to pay off a bunch of bills. Mostly, the dentist bills. I’ve been throwing all of that onto the credit card and making up for it on payday. It wouldn’t be this hard if I wasn’t paying for someone else’s bill.

Some time last year, a friend asked me to co-sign for a car audio system. At the time, he was making twice as much as I was making, so I thought nothing of it. He couldn’t get the deck because he couldn’t get approved for the credit. So he asked me to co-sign and he’ll pay me monthly. I apply for the store line of credit and got approved. Payment wasn’t expected until next year, so I thought my friend would pay me the money before that date, so he wouldn’t have to pay the interest rates. Months goes by and not a single payment was made. The first payment for the bill finally came in so I forwarded the bill to his house. Next month comes and I did the same. By the time the 3rd bill came, I get a phone call from the creditors asking why I haven’t made any payments. I explained to them the situation and told them that I’ll make a payment on payday.

I try to get in contact with this friend because I can’t afford to be paying this extra bill. I’ve got my own bills to worry about. No matter how many bills I sent to his house, he didn’t do anything about them. He’s supposed to be making a lot more than I am, but he can’t afford to pay the minimum? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

After a year or so of chasing him around, I gave up. I don’t think I was gonna get the money so I paid off what I could, to save my credit. If I can afford to pay the minimum, making the wage that I made, I don’t understand why he couldn’t do that when he’s making twice as much.

And last night, I get home from work to find him in my basement. You think I was mad? No, I felt sorry for him. Seems he’s going through a lot right now. Words has it, that he’s been running away from his problems instead of confronting them. A lot of people are looking for him because they want their money but he’s got nothing to pay them back with. He’s got payment to make on his car but he doesn’t have money for that either. I don’t know why he won’t return the car and start working on his priorities. I’ve got a friend who recently started a family and he’s working like crazy to provide for his family.

That’s the thing with world. Money drives everything. I try not to spend to much or go out often and blow it all on useless junk but it’s hard. There’s so many things that you don’t have and you want. Usually when you see it on sale, you go ahead and buy it on impulse.

A lot of people in this country think they have it bad but that shouldn’t be the case. Canada is not a 3rd world country so why are there people living that way? Back in Cambodia, I hear that the police officers are making $20USD a month! $20! How much can $20 get you in Canada? You can go to McDonald’s for a few days and it’s gone. You can go catch a couple movies and it’s gone. You can go clubbing for a night and it’s gone.

If you think about it, the people who think they’ve got it bad, don’t have it that bad after all. They should try living in another country where things are worse. Maybe then, they’ll get off their ass and do something about it.