3rd Molar Removal

Here I go again with the dentist stuff. I’ve never paid for so much dentistry work in my life. It’s no wonder people look for work that has a good dental plan. This stuff is really expensive. Heck, it’s like 200 bucks just for cleaning. I clean my teeth at home for free. It doesn’t seem to matter how often I brush my teeth, as soon as the dentist takes a look at it, it filthy.

I had an appointment with a millofacial surgeon. That probably last about 10 minutes and I was charged $95 for the consultation. So I sat there while the surgeon told me that I had to take out four wisdom tooth. Why didn’t he tell me something I didn’t know. I know that I was there to see him about my wisdom tooth, but I had no clue whatsoever that I had to take out four wisdom tooth. Man, that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

After I’m done with him, I go book an appointment with the receptionist. And she works out all the details and gives me a quote on everything. The cost to get my wisdom tooth, or uhhh teeths, is $1,626.00, tax included somehow comes out to an even amount.

Here’s the break down of the cost. To remove all four wisdom tooth, uhh teeths it’s gonna cost, $250, $250, $305 and $355. How they decide how much it’ll cost to pull each tooth is beyond me. Why does it costs $250 for the first two and then $305 and $355 for the next two? I’m looking at the x-ray and there’s no difference between the last two yet there’s a $50 difference. On top of that, they are charging me $424 to put me to sleep. Maybe I can ask them to come to my house around one in the morning and perform the work while I’m already sleeping. Last and most certainly least, I’m charged $42 for therapy, not like it’s gonna be any help.

I don’t think my dental insurance covers and of this so it looks like I’ll have to cough the money out of my own pocket, that’s not gonna help me either.

For anyone who’s reading this, my advice to you is to stay away from the dentist. Keep your teeth clean so you don’t have to go to them to get it cleans. I first went to see the dentist about a toothache and next thing I knew, they’ve got me schedule for regular cleaning. They sucker you into this predicament and there’s no way out!