CSI: Tim Horton’s

Holy phack! What the hell is this world coming to! I’m sitting here doing some work at Tim Horton’s when I started to hear some ruckuss going on behind me. I thought it was juss customers ordering and stuff but then things started to get a little louder. I turn around and some dude was yanking on the cash register! Like, what the phack! He was pulling and yanking like crazy, trying to get it to come apart.

He was going at it like there’s no tomorow! When he couldn’t get the cash draw open, he pull the whole cash register towards him and threw it down on the floor, trying again to make it break. But when that didn’t break, he went for the donation box. The box that was meant to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. How low can you be to go after something like that. The money that’s meant to help those who are in need is being stolen by two ass wipes!

In a situation like this, you just don’t know what to do. Most people are just in shock over the whole thing. There were a few people in here too, but we can’t do anything. The girls who work here were in the kitchen, trying to stay safe, and calling the cops and stuff. There’s a camera looking right at the cash too, so I’m pretty sure they’ve got a look description of the robbers, even if none of the witnesses got a really good look. The one guy was kinda skinny, white, about 5’10” – 6’0″, wearing a gray hooded sweater, with a shaved head. The other guy was covered up so I couldn’t tell you what he looked like. I should have picked up some chairs and chucked it at the robbers! That might have slowed them down a little.

After they ran out, some guy from across the street took off after them. He said he managed to go as far as the park and that was it. I doubt he could have seen them after that since the guy with the money wore all dark colours. The other guy hopped onto a bike a went another way.

The cops got there about 10 minutes early. You’d figure that, this being Tim Horton’s, they get there a bit faster. But there’s always procedures that take a while.

Two uniformed officer arrived on scene, a female office and a male officer. The male officer walked around the restaurant while the female officer came inside. Later, two other officers with the B&E department arrived to take statements from the witnesses. By this time, it seemed like the restauranted was almost empty. A few people went outside to smoke. I guess witnessing a robbery in progress stresses you out. The investigators got a few statements from a few people. I give my statement the best I could. My statement was pretty much like the old man’s statement. He was sitting behind me, facing the cash, so he had a better view. I didn’t get a look at things until it had already started. Some other guy came into the restaurant later, stating that he was the one in the car, across the street, he went after them. After he was done, he wanted to know if he could get coffee. What kinda question is that? This guy was just inconsiderate. After the ordeal that the cashiers went through, I think they should get a few days off to settle down. I wouldn’t blame any of them if they decided to quit. It was all females working the night shift that night. And they don’t have anything to protect themselves with if an armed robber entered the restaurant. They’ve got a butter knife but that wouldn’t have done much.

Dude from CSI: Hamilton was there too. He wasn’t as cool as CSI: Las Vegas tho. This guy was kinda fat and he carried a dark orange case which probably had most of the crime scene equipment you would expect. Before I left, he was dusting the crime scene for finger prints. I dont’ know why they would need that when the whole thing was caught on tape. I don’t think anyone asked about the video tape. That was probably the guest eyewitness.