Project One

Slowly but surely enough, Project One is starting to get some business. Right now, we’re looking into creating websites for local company and as the years goes by, we’ll be looking into expanding to larger markets.

It has always been a dream of mine, and maybe for a lot of you as well, to be their own boss. To start up a company where you get to be in charge of things. It’s not hard starting up a small business but it is hard to stay motivated when things are slow. In the beginning, there wasn’t much. We started with one client who had an idea. But this client’s idea proved to be too much of a challenge for us. We’re not expert programmers, we’re a couple of college graduates with a few months work experience. A small business needed time to grow before it can take on big jobs and this job was far too big for us to handle. We had no choice but to cancel the project and suggest that the client find another company with more experience.

It’s at time like those that we tend to look down and think that it was a bad idea to start anything in the first place. But it’s a big world out there and you can’t give up at the first sign of struggle. You need to keep going because there are plenty of opportunities out there and you have take any offer that comes your way. And it’s true! Lately, P1 has been busy because things are starting to pick up. I’ve been working on a website for the Hamilton Cricket Team and I’m almost done with that. Meanwhile, I’m also working on a website for Moda Classica, with Alvin, who’s taking care of the graphical side.

I’ll tell this though, the one thing you’ll need if you want to be successful, is high motivation. Alvin may be crazy most of the time but he’s a good co-worker. You motivate him and he’ll have things finished in no time. It’s kinda odd though, like he says, he’ll have other people’s things done before his own. Heck, his website is still underconstruction, after what… a few months now.

This is just the beginning though and Project One has years to come. I’m excited to see how things progress. If the momentum keeps going the way it is, we’ll probably leave the competition in the dust!

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