I can see!

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! Actually, I can see because I’ve finally picked up my new eyeglasses and the rain isn’t actually gone, it’s still here. It’s really crappy out there. I’m all soaked because I couldn’t find me an umbrella. But eh, I can see!

So here goes another rant about the optometrist. It’s been over a week since I dropped off my prescription at the optometrist. The cashier said that it would take a week to get the new lenses in because they have to be custom made. Okay, so I wait a week, no biggie. I still have my old eyeglasses, I can use those in the meantime.

So a week passes by and still no call from the optometrist. I thought I’d give them a couple more days and see if they’ll call. But nooooo. Nothing! Nada! Nyet! I had to give them a call and ask what’s up. The girl that answered the phone was like, “Oh, I thought I called you earlier.” Earlier my ass! My phone was on the whole time, being charged in my room. I didn’t hear any ringing. I checked my call logs and there was nothing, juss a missed call from Alvin, cuz I never answer the phone when he calls.

So I go and pick it up and the guy at the cash gives them to me and then he starts flipping through papers. After a few minutes he asks, “Have you paid for this already?” I”m like, “Hell yeah, all 200 damn dollars of it.” I put on my glasses, smiled and left the store, never to return… I ain’t going back there no more. My prescription hasn’t changed all that much over the years, so these eyeglasses should last me until I go gray.

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