I’m going blind

Lately, I haven’t been wearing my eyeglasses as often as I should and I think it’s causing my eyes to get worse than they already are. When I first started wearing glasses, which was way back in high school, the optometrist said that I have to continue wearing my glasses or else my eye will go bad. I thought he was just kidding around. I thought wrong.

I think, right now, I can see as far as twenty feet away. After that, things starts to get blurry. So, I’m going to have to start wearing my glasses from now on. And since my rimless glasses are getting a bit out of style, I’ve decided to get a new pair. I went on trusty old eBay and found something that I thought would look good.

Guess eyeglasses

I decided to go with a pair of Guess eyeglasses. It’s gunmetal in colour and it comes with magnetic clip-on sunglasses. The eyeglasses costed me about $50, not too shabby for brand new pair of glasses. The cost of the lenses and eye exam was what burnt a hole in my pocket. Can you believe that they’re charging $79 for eye exams now. I remember when it costed me just $5. The lenses costed me $149 because I wanted to get scratch resistant and anti reflection on it. I kinda swore under my breath because that’s damn expensive. But I guess she heard me a bit and made a weird face. It’s like she never heard someone swear before. Well, maybe she has but just not they way that I say it.

Anyways, I agreed to get those type of lenses because without the anti reflection, it would have been $20 cheaper. Also the girl who was helping me had really nice eyes and she convinced me. Damn you woman and your sexy eyes!