CSI: Tim Horton’s

Holy phack! What the hell is this world coming to! I’m sitting here doing some work at Tim Horton’s when I started to hear some ruckuss going on behind me. I thought it was juss customers ordering and stuff but then things started to get a little louder. I turn around and some dude was […]

Project One

Slowly but surely enough, Project One is starting to get some business. Right now, we’re looking into creating websites for local company and as the years goes by, we’ll be looking into expanding to larger markets. It has always been a dream of mine, and maybe for a lot of you as well, to be […]

I can see!

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone! Actually, I can see because I’ve finally picked up my new eyeglasses and the rain isn’t actually gone, it’s still here. It’s really crappy out there. I’m all soaked because I couldn’t find me an umbrella. But eh, I can see! So here goes another rant […]

HSR sucks ass!

I used to hate the HSR, now I hate it even more! They’re so freakin’ slow! HSR limo my ass! I left my house at 2pm, in the afternoon, and got to Gore Park by 2:15. I had to wait 15 minutes for the 25 Upper Wellington to Limeridge. By the time the bus got […]

Optometrist is ripping me off

I went to get my eye examined today and it took forever! I don’t think the staff knows what they’re doing. Some of the customers don’t know what they’re doing either, if you know what I mean. My appointment was for 11:10am and I got there 5 minutes early, just in case I can get […]

Back to school

I guess it’s that time of year again. All the kids are going back to school to continue their education. I won’t be joining them though, I’m done with school. At least I think I am. What I’ve noticed during my years in college is that, back to school doesn’t feel the same as it […]

Mmm Walnut Crunch!

A couple days ago at work, I got a call to head to the 2nd floor because, supposedly, someone made a mess in the washroom by leaving donuts around. I went up the escalator and approached the info desk and they filled me in. After they told me everything, I went to the men’s washroom […]

I’m going blind

Lately, I haven’t been wearing my eyeglasses as often as I should and I think it’s causing my eyes to get worse than they already are. When I first started wearing glasses, which was way back in high school, the optometrist said that I have to continue wearing my glasses or else my eye will […]