Stop your whining…

If it’s one thing I really hate, it’s people that complains. And I don’t mean small things here and there, I mean obsessive whining. I just can’t stand it. If it doesn’t involve you, just shut it. I don’t wanna hear it.

People who complain after the fact are pretty slow. At my workplace that is what people do all day long, they complain about stuff. And not about stuff that is happening now, about stuff that happened an hour ago. Why the hell are they telling me this when it happend an hour ago? What do they want me to do? If they had told me about when it was occurring, then yeah, maybe I could have done something but what am I supposed to do when there’s nothing I can do? Kinda late, don’t you think?

Those who complain about things that don’t concern them are just nosy. It’s none of their busy and yet the make it their business. How are they gonna help by jumping in? It will only escalate the situation. If you’re not part the problem, don’t try and help by getting involved. The problem is bad enough with your interjection.

I like the time when people come up to me and complain to me about things that doesn’t involve me. I don’t wanna get involved. I never wanted to hear a complaint about what goes on in other people’s lives. That is none of my business. If I wanted to know, I’m pretty sure I’d ask about it. But since I didn’t, isn’t that like a hint from me, telling you to shut up? If my eye is twitching while you’re talking to me, I’m not winking at you, that is just my way of showing annoyance.

The one that gets to me the most is when people complain about free stuff. What right do they have to complain about that? If you don’t like it, then you don’t like, end of story. No need to tell other people that you don’t like this item, the one you got for free! People at the library complain about that stuff all the time. Everything at the library is pretty much free to use. The washroom is free for them to use. “Oh the washroom are filthy!” Then shut up and clean it yourself. If you don’t like it go poop somewhere else! “Oh, there’s not enough copies of this book in circulation!” If you’re not going to buy that book, don’t complain. Get yourself a job and buy the book, it doesn’t cost that much. I can afford it, I’m sure as hell that you can afford it too. Someone is paying for the free books you’re waiting for, so you might as well chip in. It’s free so stop your whining and accept it because it didn’t cost you a shiny penny.

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