This is the newest addition to my Transformers collection, Optimus Prime from the Transformers: Cybertron series. He is, by far, the coolest Optimus Prime yet! Instead of the usual eighteen wheel truck that he use to be, he is now a fire truck. A very cool futuristic looking one too, if I may add. He’s more versitile this time around.

Optimus Prime

Transformers: Cybertron is about the Autobots trying to save the universe from a giant black hole. The creation of this black hole was due to the unbalancing of good and evil. I know this because I’ve already watched up to episode thirty three while they are only up to episode eight over here. The action figures that are released are also in accordance with the episode. I already know that Optimus links up with another Autobot named Sonic Bomber to become an even stronger robot. In the Japanese version of the series, Optimus is known as Galaxy Convoy. So when he combines with Sonic Bomber, they become Sonic Convoy, which is a pretty cool looking robot. Even though Optimus is already cool looking as it is, he’ll be even cooler looking when he joins with the other guy.

Optimus Prime vehicle mode

I guess they scrapped the eighteen wheel truck idea to get Optimus caught up with the times. But he’s not your average fire truck. Optimus has a few modes that he transforms into. The robot mode, vehichle mode, flight mode and super mode. The robot and vehicle mode are pretty basic. The flight mode has Optimus with some wings and rocket boosters. He’s got the wing while in robot mode and while in vehicle mode and the wing span of the flight mode is pretty big. Now super mode has got to be the best yet. He combines with the back half of the fire truck and turns into a bigger robot with massive fire power. I don’t know for sure but I’d guess he stands about ten inches tall.

Optimus Prime flight mode

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be playing with toys at my age, but meh, I grew up watching Transformers and it has always fascinated me the way they transfrom from robot to vehicle. Imagine, if they can do that it cartoon, hypothetic speaking, it can be done in real life. Only thing is, you’re gonna need some power hydrolics to transformer them. Juss wait until the movies comes out in 2007, you’ll see what I mean. If you want an idea of how the movie is gonna look, check out the movie section. There’s a commercial of a car that transforms into a robot are starts busting out moves.