Maxim-ize me!

Earlier this week, I received my first, second and third issues of Maxim in the mail. Wierd thing was, all three issues arrived during the same week. Not that I’m complaining or nothing, it’s nice to get a magazine with three hot chicks on it. It makes my day.

If you don’t know what Maxim is, chances are, you’re not a guy. Every guy has to know Maxim. It’s like Playboy but the girls have a bit more clothing on. And by a bit, I mean, maybe they’ll be wearing their underwear. And by underwear, I mean, lingerie. But of course, I subscribe to Maxim for the articles… yes, that’s it, for the articles.

Some of the articles in the magazine are pretty funny. At the beginning is a section where the guys (I’m assuming they’re guys) answers letters from their loyal readers. Well, they don’t actually answer them, they actually dis the writters. But the comments are funny:

How would I go about pitching a potential story to Maxim?
Jake Whitney
Via e-mail

Check the catcher’s signs, fondle your nuts, and then let that sucker fly.

There’s a whole bunch of others. I found most of them hilarious!

After that, they’ll be some pictures of girls, clothing, hi-tech gears, girls, cars, video games, interviews and oh, did I mention girls.

One cool thing about this magazine is that the spines combines to make a picture. But, of course, I subscribed about half way through the year so I’ll be missing the first half. Supposedly, there’s a picture of a girl on there too. You can’t make it out unless you have all the issues for the year. I may be wrong but I think I see some something that looks like a nipple. And I know a nipple when I see one!

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  1. hey your forgot about the "found porn" section thats one of the most funniest part lol you should post some of them

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