Judging by its cover

Whoever conjured up the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” must have been living in a different world than the world we live in today. In this day and age, image counts for a whole lot of points. The first impression is always important and chances are the second time around doesn’t change things that much. You can choose to leave an impression or you can not make one at all.

Your appearance is the first impression you make when you meet someone one. The way you dress can decided whether or not you get the job. Based on my experience, I didn’t get a job because of the way I dressed for the interview. I didn’t want to put on my dress pant, shirt and blazer because I guess, deep down, I didn’t want the job, but I applied for it nonetheless. The interviewers left me some feedback and told me that for my next interview, I should wear a dress shirt and a tie. The way I choose to dress was casually. Obviously, I didn’t get that job. Do you think, maybe I didn’t get the job because of the way i dressed for the occasion? I think so because the person who got the job is a friend and she tells me that I know more about the subject than she did. But I don’t think I gave it my all during the interview. If I had gotten the job, I would have had to move to another city and I don’t think that job was worth it.

The cover of a book is another area where image plays a big factor and it helps with the decision as to whether or not the book will be purchased. If the author wants to sell a lot of copy of the book, they should probably think about making the cover more appealing to the eye. The cover of the book is a form of advertisement. If it’s a good cover, the book can sell itself. Most of the books that I’ve purchased were due to the cover. The cover caught my eye so I picked it up to read the text on the back, which briefly tells you what the book is about. Without that initial hook, most people wouldn’t look twice at the book.

If you take a look at my picture on the right, without knowing me, what would you think? Would I look like someone who is approachable? Or do I look more like a thug? Well, compare that picture to the picture I have in the Ask Don section.

After comparing the two pictures, who would you hire to do your accounting? You’re probably gonna pick the business man look over the skater boy look. Why is that? It could have something to do with image. It’s a dog eat dog world out there where image is everything so you gotta look good.