Walking zombie

Tonight is my last night shift! Thank goodness! These graveyard shifts does a number on your sleep routine. I start work at midnight and I don’t get off until 8 in the morning. Have you ever try sleeping when the sun’s out. It’s like sleeping with the lights on. Eventhough I am tired, for some reason, I can’t stay asleep while it’s daytime outside. It’s like my biological clock knows that I should be wide awake. But for some reason, if I stay up all night working on the computer, I have no problem sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon. What gives?

Because of vacation and other stuff going on at work, I had to cover the nights. But I thought it was only going to be a couple night shifts. Little did I know that I was in for the whole ride. I did those two night shifts plus four more. The killer shift was on Sunday. I was in from midnight and I didn’t get off until noon. Usually the person doing the next shift comes in early for the person who’s doing midnight till noon, but did they? Noooooo! I was very close to juss passing out around 7am. Luckily, that’s when the sun starting coming out. Juss seeing some light outside of the building rejuvenated me and made me wake up a little. And it’s a good thing that my coworker came in at 10 otherwise, I’d be out like a light. But she wasn’t the one that was covering the next shift. She had a shift during the same time as mine due to a special event. The next shift starts at noon. And when that person got in, you’d think I’d be able to leave right away, right? Wrong… I didn’t leave until well after my shift. Normally, when you work a 12hr shift, you’re not actually doing all 12hr. The next person is usually nice enough to let you go early, instead of making a run to Tim Horton’s. Sheesh, what ever happend to common curtiousy. I was always half an hour early for their shift, but when they don’t return the favour, well, I stop coming in early. Serves them right!

I’m going to be glad once this shift is over. I don’t know if I can take anymore 4hr sleeps and 8hr shifts. I don’t know how people can do night shifts. I mean, it’s nice and quiet where I work, but I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through this. I did my share of night shifts at Burger King and that was bad. This job… well it’s not too bad. It’s juss boring because there’s no one else here. So the hardest part is keeping yourself busy for 8hrs otherwise you’d be fast asleep.

But tell ya what. After doing a weeks worth of nights, I don’t look too good right now. Getting 4hrs of sleep is bad enough. Sometimes I get headache due to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep causes your mind to play tricks on you. During my patrols, I hear noises from all over the place. In a big building like this, I should only hear my own foot step. But when the lights off and you hear something else other than your footstep, you’d be freaked out too. I’ve heard so many noise over past week that I’m starting to think that this place is haunted. One time I got into the elvator. I press the floor number and then pressed the ‘close door’ button. The door starts to close but half way it opens agin. This elevator was equipped with a sensor, so if anything gets in between the doors, it opens again. So, I’m thinking, something else got onto the elvators with me. Something triggers the safety and made the door open. Something I can’t see or hear, or sense for all that matter.

Hamilton at night

Another time, I heard noises that sounded like a door was closing. All the doors that leads from the outside of the building are all locked. But when you start to hear the sound of a door closing from inside the building, you’ll start to shiver too.

During my patrols, I tend to see things as well. Nothing clear, juss shadows. The lights on the floors are turned off, to save electricity, but not all the lights are off, just the ones at the back of the floors. There are times when I’m walking and I see something moving. Sometimes it’s my reflection but other times it’s something else. If it’s my reflection, I can move back and forth and the shadow will move too. But when I move back and forth and I don’t see what I saw the first time, goosebumps start to form.

I’m getting chills juss remembering all that happened and I still have this night shift to get through. If you had trouble reading all that, you can blame that on the lack of sleep. Hopefully I’ll make it through the night… alive!