Secret Asian Man

You ever wonder how it’s possible for Superman to disguise himself as Clark Kent with just a pair of prescription glasses? You’d figured that a pair of glasses doesn’t change your appearance by that much, right? I could never understand how Lois Lane never found out Superman’s secret. She spends a lot of time with Clark Kent since she’s partners with him and she’s in love with Superman yet she has no idea they are one in the same. I had trouble believing that Superman can keep his identity a secret all this time without anyone figuring it out. That is, until recently.

Security shirt

Lately, I’ve been getting more hours at work because of summer vacation and I’m running into a lot of people who visit the library on a regular occassion, only thing is, I’m seeing them while I’m not on duty. Some of them don’t even recognize me out of uniform.

I don’t always wear my glasses when I’m at work so recognizing me out of uniform shouldn’t be a problem but as hard as it is to believe, the uniform makes a big difference. But it’s not like my face has changed or anything. Something about the uniform makes me look totally different. Here’s a picture of me in uniform. Yes, I have to pose like that so I look intimidating, I have a repuation to keep.

Security Don

I guess in uniform there’s that authority image I’ve got going, compared to my geeky self with the prescription glasses. But who knows, maybe there’s something else other than the look. People who recognizes me as security probably wouldn’t think twice about looking at me in plain civilian clothing. Maybe it’s the fact that people are use to seeing me one way and when they see me the other way, they have to stop and think.

Heck sometimes, from far away, I see someone that looks like my friend so I smile. Only to find out in a few seconds that, as they come closer, it’s some stranger. One time, I didn’t even see my coworker while he was waiting for his ride. He was in his regular everyday clothing, having a smoke, juss standing there. I turned the corner and didn’t even notice him untili he called out. He thought that I was trying to avoid him when in actuality, I didn’t even notice him.

Another thing, I don’t think it’s juss the clothing. There are girls that I don’t even recognize all because their hair were parted differently. Changing your hair colour might be something that is very noticeable but I think it’s the little changes that makes you incognito. You should try it. Wear your underwear over your head and see if anyone recognizes you…