Blame it on the rain!

What a crappy ass day! A day that started out nice and quiet turned into a disaster. It rained on and off this afternoon but with my luck, it juss started pouring as soon as it was time for me to go to work. Not even an umbrella could have saved me from what’s to come.


As I exited my house, I could see that I was gonna have some trouble getting to work dry. As soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk, my shoes were starting to get soaked. I got to the corner and decided to wait there because on the opposite corner, I can see cars splash the puddle and sending the water at least 4 feet up into the air. I ain’t standing over there, no siree bob.

Once there was a gap between the cars, I made a break for it, only to be blocked by a 3 foot wide puddle, which I tried to over jump… and failed miserably. My foot landed in the puddle and is now even more soaked. Of course, since I tried to jump over it, my landing made a splash and now my socks and the lower part of my jeans are wet too. Once I got passed the traffic and the puddle, I thought that’s it, no more obstacles. Man, was I wrong. I had to cross the field and it’s been raining for a while so this field is like super wet, it’s like a swamp. Crossing this got my socks even wetter but it gets worse. I get to the corner and I’m standing there not realizing the there were cars in front of me. I figured, they’re at the stop so maybe the splash won’t be that big. But I forgot that there were other cars behind the one in front of me and that by the time they get to where I was, they would have probably gained momentum. Splash! My jeans are now wet up to my knees, so I take a step back. Splash! I’m now wet from my theighs down, so I take another step back. Splash! For Pete’s sake! come on, i took 2 steps back, wasn’t that far enough! Nooooo, now I’m soaked and wet from the waist down.

I finally get to work.. drenched from my waist down and walking around as if I juss crapped my pants. Throught out my shift, it rained but not as hard as it was when I was walking to work, nooooo, why would it, I’m not out there to get wet so what’s the point? But when it was time to go home, guess what happened? The rain started to pick up again and I have to walk home really slowly cuz my pants are heavy fromt he water it’s retaining. What the phack! Grrrrr!