It has recently come to my attention that a very terrible crime is happening everyday. It is causing injuries to innocent by standers. A very tragic drive-by that leaves the victim in shock. This act of violence is known as Timbiting and I myself was been a victim.


Timbiting is the act of throwing a Timbit at an unsuspecting pedestrian. If you’re the one that’s throwing the Timbits, I can see how that might be funny. But if you’re the unsuspecting pedestrian, you would probably be thinking “WTF?”

Back in my high school days, I was worked for the HSR one summer day. I started work at 6:00pm or so and I didn’t finish until midnight. Later in the day, the guy I was working with went on break, so I was left at the bus stop by myself. It was already starting to get dark and things were cooling down. That’s when it happened.

First, I saw a bike coming down the hill at high speed. As he passed, I was thinking of how fast he was going because he was coming down from the Jolly Cut. While my attention was focused on the biker, I heard another car coming down the hill, so I turn to look. All I saw was a bunch of round object flying at me. I was so surprised that I didn’t move.

What also surprised me was that I didn’t get hit at all. There I was, sitting on the bench and something like 10 Timbits flying at me. I didn’t move a muscle and I didn’t get Timbitted. Was I lucky or what? All I did was laugh because these guys in a car drove by and wasted their Timbits. I think it cost them $1 or so but didn’t cost me a dime. I laughed at their misfortune.

But I don’t think the act of Timbiting stops there. I’ve had golf tees being thrown at me. So the possibilities of throwing stuff out of a car at an unsuspecting pedestrian are endless.

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