CSI: Hamilton

I’ve got a new case at work. Someone’s been going around vandalizing the elevators and I’m gonna find out who! Maybe not today… well, definately didn’t find out today, and maybe not tomorrow, but one day! Even if it means that I ride that eleveator 24/7, I’m gonna find out who… somehow. I’ve got a plan… so far it’s not working, but it’s still too early to tell. I’ve got some suspects… even though some of them turned out to be wrong, but that only means I’m eliminating the ones that aren’t doing it. And When I found out who is doing this, I’m gonna put graphiti all over his face and draw curly mustaches on him!

How do I know it’s a guy? Well, so far, all the clues suggested that. The most obvious would be the graphiti that was left in the men’s washroom. The letters sorta match. I’m not a hand writing analyst expert but the similarities are pretty close. Currently, there are suggestions to say that there’s more than one culprit because the style of writing is a bit off. The way the “G” is written is a little bit different. So, if there’s two suspects working on this, that’s gonna make things even more complicating because I can’t keep track of who what when where how.

It’s hard to figure out who’s doing this because security can’t be everywhere all the time. I mean, all it takes is for this person to get into an elevator alone and take it up one floor. As soon as the door closes, he can get to work. Once he gets to the next floor, he’s free to go. And if someone else gets on the elevator after him, they won’t notice the graphiti until the door closes. The only sure way to catch this person is to get cameras installed in the elevators but by the time the cameras get installed, the culprits might be long gone. Or maybe they juss won’t write stuff in the elevator no more and move to another area.

I’ve been up and down the floors and I’m slowly running out of suspects and running out of ideas on how to catch this person. But when I do find out, somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad!