Love is love

“Love is love” is the title of a chinese movie that I recently saw. Stephen Chow is in it. He’s the guy that plays in Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

This movie was about a couple from the rural who struggles to make it on their own in the big city. From the start, they had nothing but the money that the wife’s little sister stole from the dad. They ran away and eloped because the father disagreed with the fact that they are together. The father wanted a better life for his daughter and hoped that she finds a rich husband to support her but instead she fell for the bus boy who works his restaurant.

When they get to the city, they find themselves a house, nothing fancy, juss small room. The room didn’t even have a door so they used curtains. The landlord was charging them $800 a month. That’s a crazy price for juss a room. Well, the kitchen batchroom and hydro was included in that price, but that’s still crazy.

After getting a house, they go and find a job but not juss any job, they wanted a good job. So the guy at the employment place tells the husband to apply to a jewelry company. The husband manages to get in but there’s one minor problem. He needs a $20,000 bond if he wants to work for the company. They ask around but no one is able to help and the father is already objecting to everything, he’s not gonna help either. It seems like all hope was lost until the wife somehow manages to come up with the money. She says she won it in the lottery but the husband doubts that. It’s later known that she’s been doing work as an escort to get that money.

As the movie goes on, you see the couple making their way up the ladder of society. Eventually, they get into an expensive high rise and are living it large.

But later on, work takes up a lot of the husband’s time and he misses their wedding anniversary. Things gets worse when the boss’s daughter gets transferred to Singapore and because the husband has been such a hard working assistant, she would like him to tranfer with her. He wants to refuse the transfer but the boss’s daughter doesn’t want to accept that answer. The husband tells the wife about the transfer and a fight breaks out between the two. That’s where the subtitles stop so I have no idea what they were saying but it ended with the wife leaving to go back home and the husband going to Singapore. But before the movie was over, of course, they ended up back together.

The movie shows what one person is willing to do for love. The couple started out with nothing but each other and throughout the movie, all that mattered was their happiness. It didn’t matter that they were living in a poor area of town, it didn’t matter what kind of job they had to do in order to survive. All that mattered was that they were happy with each other. It juss goes to show what people are willing to sacifice for love. It’s like nothing else in this world matter but the love you have for those who are close to you.

The way that life was viewed in this movie is almost like the way I view life. There are more important things to life than money. A lot of people are trying to make it big not realizing that life is made up of the little things. Yes, life does have a lot of negative things going on but you have to try and take an optimistic view of it.