On top of the house: Part I

For the last couple days, I’ve been working on the roof with my dad. The shingles needed replacing so my dad decided to work on that this weekend. I told him that I’d help him Friday but I forgot that I was schedule in to that day. By the time I got home, half of the old shingles were removed. The next step was to get the new shingles up to the roof. So my dad went and rented a hoist to get it up there. But in order for the hoist to work, we needed space to put it and the only space that was good was in the pathway between my house and my neighbour’s. Problem is, that pathway is filled with the old shingles. So guess whose job it was to remove most of those. Yup, yours truly!

Well, my brother helped too… First we moved the stuff back about 10 feet, but then we looked up and there were some wires in the way, so we moved it back another 10 feet. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy. You can’t use a shovel to dig thru there because it’s not like dirt. Cuz if you do use a shovel, it would be like shovel paper, all that paper is gonna juss slide all cause it’s flat.

Once everything was cleared we got the hoist in position and loaded the shingles. Those were heavy as hell! I think I broke my back while lifting those. And the hoist was a manual one where you have to crack it. After a couple dozen cracks it started to get harder and harder. The cable was soo tight that with every crank, it seemed like it was gonna snap. My brother ducked for cover every time he heard that noise. My uncle was there making fun of him for that.

So we hoisted the shingles and my dad up to the roof, later my brother went up and then I went up. The other adults took the ladder, which wasn’t that much fun. Going up the hoist was way funner. Although, it was kinda shaky and scary at first.

We worked until the sun went down, but I had it easy, I didn’t have to get started till I got off work and by then, it wasn’t that hot. I kinda feel sorry for my dad. He’s been at it since morning. My mom would wake me up around 7 saying I should go help my dad, but I had to get to work by 8:30. I’m not that crazy! I don’t wanna wake up at 7, work for an hour and then get to my job with a broken back.