Shooting star…

You’ll never guess what I saw tonight! Oh wait, maybe you can since it’s the title of this blog. Well, you’ve guessed it, a shooting star!

I was over at a friend’s house because her sister said there was supposed to be a surprise party for their cousin. When I got there, surprise surprise, there wasn’t any party. I bought something but never got a chance go give it to the birthday girl because she wasn’t there. Turns out the party has been moved to Sunday. But I didn’t care if there was no party or not, I went over to visit and I stayed for an hour.

Come 11 o’clock, I had to leave because my bus transfer was going to expired and I didn’t want to ask for a ride home, so I left.

When I got outside, I can see the bus coming, so it searched frantically for my transfer but couldn’t find it. By the time I found it, the bus had already drove by. As I stared at the passing bus with anger in my eyes, something drew my attention upward to the sky. At first I thought it was a plane but then it’s slowly vanished like a firecracker would after it was burnt. I was in awe at my timing. I missed the bus and then I saw a shooting star. What are the chances of something bad happening and then something good? Pretty slim, I’d say.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use any money to take the bus back home, so I went back into my friend’s house and used the phone to call bus check. I was in luck! The next bus would be in juss in time. My transfer expires at 11:15pm and it was 11:04 and the next bus would be here in 11minutes. So I went back outside and waited. I could see buses at the stop light, a couple blocks down, but none of them were going straight. Most of them were turning left or right, or going away from me in the opposite direction. With 1min left before my transfer expired a bus was heading my way. Oh no! It’s stuck at a red light. I look at my watch, it was 11:15pm. My transfer has officially expired. I was kinda bummed because now I have to pay $2.10 if I want a ride downtown. But before I took out my money, I’d figure I try out my luck and pretend like I didn’t know it was 11:15. And guess what? My luck came through this time. I had just made it. Moral of the study, set your watch at least 5min early, just in case!