Visitors from far and wide…

Lately I’ve been tracking the countries that people are visiting my site from. For the last week alone, I’ve received visitors from all over like Austrailia, Brazil, China, India, Peru, Sinagore, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

What amazes me is how visitors find their way here from each of those countries. Assuming that my code to detect the country of orgin is working the way it should. I mean, I’m not the most popularest guy in the world or nothing but it’s hard to believe that people would juss randomly google my name and TA DA they land on my site. The chances of that is kinda slim. Unless they are looking for someone else, another computer guy named “Don Knuth” As you can see, that’s a 1 letter difference from my name. Heck it’s not even 1 letter, it’s more like a stem. Extend the line for the “n” and you get an “h”… is that wierd or what. Two geniuses and their names is 1 letter different. Coincident, I think not!

Anyways, I hope visitors from all over the world keep coming to my site. I’m curious as to how many different countries I can be well known in.. hehehe… Maybe I’ll be the next International man of mysytery. Yeah baby!

Happy Canada Day!

Oh, on a final note. To those who are visiting from other countries. July 1st is Canada Day. Today Canada turns 138 years old. I know, that’s kinda young compared to other countries but we’re getting there!

Happy Canada Day!!!

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