Golfing with the big guy

I haven’t been to a driving range in ages. I think the last time I picked up a golf club was back in high school. And back then I was juss swingning and hoping to launch that golf ball as far as I could. Turns out, there’s a lot more to golf than juss hitting the ball really hard.

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The stance is important. You get your feet about shoulder length apart, you keep your elbow straight and you kept your eyes on the ball. I got part of that right, but usually, I take my eyes off the ball and concentrate on where I want it to go. That’s a bad move on my part. The thing is, once I take my eyes off the ball, I can’t guarantee that I’ll hit it, since I don’t see it. I rely on my swing to make contact with the ball. What you’re supposed to do is keep your eye on the ball until you make contact and then you follow through. Before I could never keep track of where I hit the ball because I’m looking else where. If you look at the ball as you make contact, your eyes see it better. It’s hard to see a white ball once it’s in the air.

If you can get the stance right, you don’t have to worry about how hard you hit the ball. Once I got that down, the ball juss launched itself. I think I was average 200 yards every time. And I noticed that the ball was going straight instead of curves way the hell to the right or way the hell to the left.

I think with my new skills I can beat Tiger Woods and Mike Wier any day! Bring it on!

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