Another quiet night at the library…

Or so I thought..

Everything was going fine. It was quiet, the library was gonna close soon and everyone would have gone home happy. But noooo, there had to be some sort of disturbance to mess up a quiet night.

I get a call from a staff on the 2nd floor asking security to remove someone. So I call the other guards and asked them to report to the 2nd floor and handle the situation, thinking it’s juss some kid who was on the computers that shouldn’t be on there.

Moments later, all I hear is screaming and shouting and swearing! I”m thinking, WTF is all that racket!? Next thing I knew, I could hear this lady screaming over the radio. The transmission went on and cut off momentarily, so I’m thinking that my coworker is in trouble and I’m not gonna juss stand there and look pretty, I ran upstairs to the 2nd to help her out.

When I got up there, this black lady was up in my coworkers face, screaming and swearing so I stepped in between. This lady acts all tough and stuff and started screaming and swearing at me. Then she has the nerves to call me Chinese! Not that, there’s anything wrong with that…

So, we let her scream and shout and swear all she wants, we juss had to get her out of the library. The elevator sure took its sweet time to get to the floor too and when it arrived, the lady got on. I had to get on with her to make sure that she’s going down and not upstairs to cause more commotion.

As soon as I got on, she jumped out, screaming and swearing at me some more. She continued down the stairs and then exited the library, but remained on the property where she continues to give security the finger. How nice of her to keep us in mind.

She stayed outside the library for quite some time. She even came up to the window, climbed on top of the garbage can and started banging on the window. While she was doing all that, I was talking to the dispatcher at the Police center.

It took the cops a while to get to the library but when they arrive, they didn’t do much. They asked some questions, took down some statements, the usually. And I found out something today, did you know that if you split at someone, you can be charged with assault? Oh yeah, split is a form of assault, somehow… Good to know.

After the officer was done talking with security, he went outside and escort the crazy lady off library property and hopefully to jail. She’s lucky I didn’t use my security guard kungfu on her! Because, you know, I’m chinese, I know kung fu!

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  1. don, you rule. you’re my security! luckily she’s schizo and will forget our faces by tonight…. excellent 🙂

  2. Why didn’t you call the future Police Officer? ammm. that would be me.. ehhehhehh.. life is like that Don. not every day is the same… just try to do what you gotta do.. and be safe.

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