A day of fun in the sun!

What a weekend! The weather was great, the food was great and spending time with friends couldn’t get any better!

Group picture

A group of us got together at Christi Lake for a day of fun and games. Sothy was done with school and he was heading to Cali for the summer, so this was for him. A little graduation celebration kinda thing. We got to Christi’s around 1 and didn’t leave until night fall.

The day started out slow but it started to pick up. We went canoeing first, for like an hour or so. The first group of us were fine. The second group, they were trouble. Chen and Justin were in a row boat and caught up to the girls and decided to rock their boat. I guess the girls got a little scared and started to rock the boat even more. All of a sudden, the girls were in the water. Chen and Justin jumped in, since they were the cause of it all, while Peter and Sothy contemplated as to whether they should jump in or not. Peter wasn’t gonna jump in unless Sothy jumped in and Sothy wasn’t gonna jump in unless Peter jumped in… but he “almost” jumped in, that’s what counts. So what do they do? They decided to go around collecting the slippers and paddles, cuz you know.. without the paddles, you won’t be able to get your deposit back.. heheheh.. But the girls were fine, they had life jackets on and everything.

After canoeing for an hour, we went back to our site and eat some more before getting a game of football. This was where things got bad. Although, it was touch football, a lot of us ended up bleeding. Sothy got kicked in the hip, Justin got scratched all over and I ended up bleeding somehow. The sun was pretty much at its peak by now and we were starting to get dehydrated, at least I was. We had to go into sudden death and finish the game, otherwise, we’d be really going into sudden death.

Group picture on bench

After we were done with football, we pretty much sat around for a while until everyone was re-energized. An old guy from another site came over and gave us strawberry icecream.. with real strawberries! It was okay, a little too sweet for my liking, but it’s all good.

The day continued with more sports. We had to wait for the retirement party to finish before we took over their volleyball net. We played until it started to get dark, then we had to leave and the mosquitoes were starting to come out. I didn’t wanna get all itchy or nothing.

All in all, the day was packed with activities, plenty of food and great times with friends. And before we left, me and my friend stole a couple lawn chairs. Now, I’ve got something to sit on while i’m chilling in my front yard.