Forever Means Never…

“Forever Means Never” is a CD that was released by my new coworker, Cara Kelterborn. It’s an EP (I think that’s what it’s called) because it’s not a full CD. This CD has 7 tracks on it. And I think they’re pretty good too.

The first track on the CD is titled “Butterfly Wings.” I’m not sure exactly of the genre of music she classifies herself under, but it’s the type of music that I would listen to. This track is probably my favourite out of all her songs so far. The song has a fast beat and some of the lyrics are catchy. I think that’s the important part to a song, the memorable lyrics.

Check out Cara’s site and take a listen to her songs and judge for yourself. Her new CD is in the making, so watch out for it! She says she writes like 1 song like every other day, so I’m sure she’s got plenty of material to release. This girl’s got skills!

I wish Cara all the best in pursuing her dreams. Maybe one day she’ll be #1 on the charts!

Forever Means Never

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