Wireless Internet at the mall

The internet is probably the best thing ever invented, well, the next best thing after the toaster. It has connected people in many different ways. You can talk to people from around the world in the comfort of your bedroom. You can visit another country without leaving your house. You can express your thoughts for the world to hear without having to say a word. The internet is making the world a smaller place.

Now that wireless standards are becoming more common, you can stay connected even more. In this modern age of cell phones and PDAs, you’re considered old school if you don’t have anything wireless. Wired devices are becoming rare and wireless is becoming more standard. You can do pretty much everything without having to be physically connected.

I’m typing this while I’m sitting at the food court in Jackson Square Mall. This area is known as a “hot spot” to those who are technologically illiterate. Someone, in the vicinity of this food court has a wireless router that is broadcasting its signal to any computer with a wireless card.

This brings up another issue. Am I stealing internet time since I’m using someone else’s signal? I would like to believe that I’m not doing anything wrong. I mean, I just sat here and turned on my laptop and it picked up the signal. I didn’t have to modify anything on my laptop in order to capture the signal. So unless I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing to gain access, I don’t think I’m doing anything illegal. Besides, maybe the owner of the wireless signal wants the connection to be open. If they wanted to protect the signal they could have easily turn on the encryption protocol but they chose not to. So I’m lead to believe that they want this line to be open and free for all. For that, I thank them. I’ve got time to enjoy my lunch, or dinner rather at this time, and I’ve got something to keep me busy while I sit here. And you can’t complain when it comes to free stuff…