Black/White Sock

I don’t know what it is but my room is freaking’ cold. I thought today was cold because of that. I woke up, took off my PJ’s and grabbed my pants. Then my feet were starting to get numb, so I went to look for some socks. There weren’t any fresh one in my room so I ran upstairs. There weren’t any up there either except one white sock and 1 black sock. I don’t know where the other pair went.

I hate that about socks. They come in pairs but somehow one goes missing. That’s the case today. I wasn’t planning on leaving the house so I didn’t care if I had matching socks or not. And if I do end up leaving the house, chances are I’ll have my shoes on the whole time, so no one will ever see it.

Then I had to head to my cousin’s to fix his computer and drop by Socheat’s to give him his brother’s tax return. But even then, no one saw my non-matching socks. Am I sneaky or what!


That’s not a hole in my sock. That part of the sock juss happens to be skin coloured.

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