Columbia Student

I had to work today and like any other Monday, it was slow. Except today, I think the Columbia College students were starting to study for their exams. And whole whacks of them were on the 3rd floor. Here’s the funny thing, their school’s uniform looks just like the security uniform, with the exception of the walkie talkie and the company emblem. Now, the other guards aren’t Asian, so they look like normal security guards. Of course, then there’s me, I’m the only Asian guard there. And from the looks of things, I look just like a Columbia College student.

One of them was walking in front of me and I couldn’t help it but laugh. Dude’s wearing the same outfit as me. People wouldn’t have any problem mistaking him for a guard. Our uniform look too much alike, I think it should be changed. But I doubt that would happen since my company’s so cheap.

Anyways, that’s all for today, it’s a Monday, not much happens. Well, there’s this… I was walking home and Leo pointed something out to me, so I had to take a picture to show people. Here’s Max and Leo by the sign.

Tent day